artist bio

My journey of inspiration started at a local gem fair-  when I saw a huge room full of gemstones each more magical and special than the next, I knew right then I had to work with those stones. I designed and made my first necklace, smooth aquamarines and a giant facetted citrine (still a favorite) and my journey had begun.

The only other time I felt that certain I had to do something was when I started working in film. I’ve always loved telling a story, re-living history, imagining other places and times. My love for storytelling led me to act in theatre and fims, and although I loved the work, I struggled with the untangible nature of it. I wanted to create all the time, and felt an increased need to create with my hands.

Studies of gemology at GIA and jewelry making with master teacher Steven Hanna followed, and I have never looked back.

Magically- my two loves have merged when I get to design for favorite characters on TV shows and in film. I’m currently creating jewelry for the tv show SUITS, and have designed for various other projects.

Born in Sweden, I grew up drawn to the rich history of my heritage. I loved tales of the vikings, and visited many medieval castles around Europe. I consider myself a true romantic while at the same time being immensely practical and grounded. Wearing a piece of clothing or jewelry has to make sense in my everyday life, it has to work both with jeans and dressed up. My jewelry can be described as casual opulence, bringing a bit of magic into your life!


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