Gabriella's ring

Gabriella's ring

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Custom made ring A special custom project

"I´m in awe of my ring. It is made of sparkling diamonds from precious heirlooms together with white and red gold, perfectly designed for my personality and stature. It makes me think of the people and stories behind the original stones. It makes me feel beautiful and powerful"- Gabriella

Gabriella had some special heirloom stones, including the diamond from her engagement ring, that she wanted to have made into a statement ring to wear everyday. A signature piece that would be a celebration of her life and people important to her, especially her late husband who's memory she wanted to keep close to her. She decided to keep the wedding rings to pass on to her daughters, but she wanted the diamond from the engagement ring to be part of her new celebration ring.

I asked her some questions, and together we figured out that she wanted both yellow and white gold so that it would work with her other jewellery, that she wanted it to be casual enough for everyday wear, but sparkly and festive for special occasions, and to remind her of life's joy and magic.

Designa ring med egna stenar

To keep the process Covid-safe, we went back and forth a few times via email with photos and drawings, and had a couple of phone conversations as well. Gabriella settled on a scattered diamond design with criss cross bands in yellow and white gold. I mailed Gabriella a ring sizing set so that she could size her finger at home. 

The next step was to create the model in a 3D program, to create precision settings for the stones. I usually use a combination of hand drawings, computer models and wax carving to create the final design, depending on what is best for the project.

custom ring with heirloom stones stockholm

We played around a little with the placement of the stones, and then it was time for the creation!!! I love the way it came out, and Gabriella loves her ring and wears it everyday, just like we planned.

Here is the final result :

Specialbeställd förlovningsring stockholm

design ring stockholmTo inquire about a custom project, contact me here:


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