Copy of Current Projects

-Jewelry for Rebecca Hall in the film "Sanctuary"

-Working with costume designer Jolie Andreatta to make jewelry for all the amazing women of the TV show "SUITS"- Meghan Markle, Gina Torres and Sarah Rafferty. Truly such a fantastic trio!! Select pieces used on the show are available on the website here.

Past Projects:

Working often with film and TV projects, I sometimes end up acting as well- In this IPHONE commercial I was both actress and jewelry designer, wearing my leaf rings and Tahitian pearl strand. It was an amazing team and a great shoot, and the costume designer was Academy Award winning Colleen Atwood.

For the movie NOBEL SON, I was again actress as well as jewelry designer, working with the costume designer to create jewelry for lead actress Mary Steenburgen as well as for myself. In this movie, I played Swedish Nobel Comittee attache Analea Sigvartsen, hosting Mary Steenburgen and Alan Rickman's characters when they went to Sweden to receive the Nobel price. Such a treat to work with these legendary actors!


Here are just a few shots of my work: