Jonna's necklace

Tahitian pearl silk necklace made in SwedenA special gift for a dear friend

"I love so many things about my new necklace. The colors of the silk and the pearl reflect and enhance my eyes and skin, making me feel radiant! It looks beautiful with a dress but also with jeans and a t-shirt, and I always feel great when I wear it. It's so incredibly versatile since I can wear it both long and short AND as a bracelet. It is so unique and suits me completely, it's the finishing touch that completes my outfit almost every day! And most of all I love that it reminds me of my friends!!" 


Tahitian pearl necklace pärlhalsband

Jonna's 50th birthday was approaching and a few of her closest friends wanted to give her something special, something lasting and meaningful, to mark her big occasion and to truly celebrate her. A gift completely FOR HER, that she might not buy for herself but that she really deserved. The friends decided that instead of each of them getting her a smaller gift, they would get something together, making the gift that much more special! And soon the decision was made that it had to be a necklace, that she could put on anytime she needed to feel the support and love of her dear friends, even if they were far away.

Tahitian pearl necklace pärlhalsbandWe considered Jonna's coloring, her style and her lifestyle, and settled on a greenish grey Tahitian pearl set in recycled 18 karat gold. You tie it in the back so it can be worn at any length. The silk ribbon makes the necklace casual enough for Jonna to wear every day, even though the pearl is of a significant size. 


I think she looks amazing in her necklace! I love helping with finding the perfect gift. Please reach out to me if I can help you find something, or if you would like a different color metal or pearl for example, to make it just perfect for you or someone you love.



 with love,


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