Meghan Markle's signature necklace on SUITS

Designing for the amazing women of SUITS is so much fun! Each of them have a distinct style and feel, and I worked closely with the incredibly talented costume designer Jolie Andreatta to create an individual look for each character. 

Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane was a joy to design for, she has a great eye for style and often gave input on what she liked. As her character grew from young paralegal to strong lawyer, her style became more and more sophisticated, but we always based her jewelry on a feeling that she wore mostly discreet heirlooms and special pieces she had received as a gift from her parents or someone special.

This layered necklace, with white sapphires and layered 14 karat gold delicate chains, became her signature necklace on the show. With it's irregularly placed stones, it signals a bit of playfulness and fun, while at the same time being discreet enough to be worn from the courtroom to the party or even the beach. It is sexy and sweet and will become your favourite piece too!

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