Moving to Sweden

Since having a child and since getting older, I feel my priorities shifting. I want more nature, less cars, more quality time with family, less stress. I also lost loved ones this year, and it brought it home to me that our time is limited. Our own time, and also time with our loved ones.

My goal is to set up my life so that I will have quality time with my family and friends, lots of time to create and also time in nature. I also would like to travel in Europe again, revisit old stomping grounds and discover new places.

The first step of all that has been relocating from Los Angeles to Stockholm, near family and near nature. I am also earmarking lots of time in Sweden to creating- I have been stocking up on stones and other materials I need, so I can start right away as I am figuring out what resources are available to me in Sweden and Europe.

I am grateful for the global economy, I know I will be able to keep in touch with my suppliers and customers all over the world, and ship anywhere as I do now, but I do forsee some challenges in the beginning as far as setting up how I do things.

I am also grateful for my time in California. I would not have been the same person if I didn't live there. The majestic landscape really blew my heart wide open, and the vibrant energy of the people showed me possibilities I had not known existed. I am grateful for the work I have done in the movies, both in front of the camera and as a jewelry designer. I am forever inspired by the redwood trees and the wild river in Big Sur, The sunset over the pacific ocean, The vibrancy of Downtown LA, the wonderful people I met, and the teachers I have had the honor of learning from. I hope to keep all that magic alive in my heart, and also to be able to come back often for trunkshows and to visit dear friends.

Los Angeles is getting more and more crowded, and I have been feeling the pressure from the city more and more every day. Stockholm is not a tiny town, but it feels more manageable for me , and for us as a family. As we also have family in the US, we are lucky in that our lives always will include both countries.

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