Early on, I called my collection PRINCESS WARRIOR. It was a working name, and it helped me shape and develop who I was as a designer, and what I wanted to express. It has to do with the dichodomy of what it means to be a woman in this world, and also points to one of my facinations, which has to do with royalty of the past.

I am not sure why this hold such fascination for me. Possibly it has do do with the amazingly detailed and beautiful designs of the Medieval and renaissance time period . But on a deeper level it is also about these women who lived in an exceptionally tough time, and were saddled with this demand that they be strong, and lead, OR worse, that they obey and follow. The fact that there were many queens that were able to rule huge kingdoms, (while still being mothers etc) should have been a sign that yes, women can do everything that a man can do.

But alas, we are still working on that one. What we are struggling for now is to be able to be FULLY WOMAN (or wherever you are on the binary spectrum) And also be fully respected and treated as an equal. To me this is what princess/warrior represents, the "princess" not = a spoiled or fancy creature, but someone unabashedly just a woman, with all that entails. And the "warrior" the side of us that has to show up everyday and do battle in the world. For equality, for respect, for the right to be considered just as valid as a man. For those that can not fight.

I let go of this wording, for two reasons. These days I feel more like a Queen than a Princess ;-), and I like this title better , as it holds more inate power.The other reason is that I am uneasy about the word Warrior, for obvious reasons. One of my mantras is "do no harm" so, although I sometimes feel like a warrior, it is in the gestalt of "the peaceful warrior".

In all my research, some serious, some in the form of second rate historical novels (I know, I know, I can't help it), the Fleur de Lys often pops up as a medieval symbol of royalty. It symbolizes (among other things) "faithfulness, loyalty, knighthood, unity and honor". I really like the idea of having a piece of jewelry as a reminder of your values, to help you remember how you want to be in the world.

Enter Meghan Markle, for whom I made jewelry during her years on SUITS. One of the pieces I made for her was a Fleur de Lys necklace , in gold and diamonds, more of the "princess" direction of my line, but with the amazing  daily reminder of the obligations of knighthood and honor. I find it incredibly fitting that Meghan is now a duchess, who seems to be determined to be a champion (or warrior) to those who need her help. She has always struck me as an honorable and fine person, and to me, her present situation is perfect poetry for me as a designer. Not in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would design pieces for actual Royalty!!

And now I have added Meghan's necklace to my line:


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