Designing for film and TV- the beginning

Working with costume designer Jolie Andreatta on SUITS has been such a great journey, and a lot of fun!! So how do you get this kind of job? In my case- in a roundabout way... I was working as an actress at the time (With genius Mike Figgis, photo credit above), loving it but not loving the in between times, and the stress of not knowing when you would get your next job. I also wanted to create something that was separate from me, something tangible that was far away from the pressures that I was feeling as a young woman in Hollywood+ not an easy situation at that time (or ever). By chance I found a gem show, fell in love with stones, and started designing. On my next movie I showed my jewelry to the costume designers and they ended up using my jewelry on several of the actresses.

Here is me with the incomparable Alan Rickman and Mary Steenburgen in Nobel Son, and Mary wearing a necklace I made:

Another exiting time was when I was cast in an iPhone commercial, and the costume designer was none other than Colleen Atwood, who I LOVE (she did Edward Scissorhands, Beloved, Alice in Wonderland, The Huntsman and a million others) I was super nervous to show her my jewelry, but I did, and we ended up using it in the commercial.

Through Accents, a great store in Santa Monica, my jewelry has since found it's way to many other fantastic women, including Demi Moore, Rebecca Hall, Susan Surandon, Eva Amuri, and the coolest of them all, one of Rod Stewart's musicians and all around amazing person- Julia Thornton. I spent time at Accents learning my craft, meeting these people and designing for them as well as an incredible stream of interesting, inspiring and intriguing women, a true gift!

 Jolie Andreatta, who has been the costume designer extraordinaire for SUITS's first 7 1/2 seasons, approached me when she got the job. She said - It is going to be super high fashion, and I need REAL jewelry. Will you work with me? YES!!! of course. I had just had my son, and a flexible schedule while still designing such an inspiring project was a dream come through.

Next up- Jolie's new show called PEARSON , with Gina Torres..


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